Katie Beaver - Part II

Canine Ethology and Behavior

TUESDAY - March 21, 2017

at 9:00 PM EST

Spotlight:  Katie Beaver

Host:  Christa Ward

Katie found her passion for training when she took her Tamaskan dog to training class. Katie has successfully taken Talia, as well as her two wolfdogs, Anubis, and Reckless, through training classes at All American Dog Training, Grooming and More located in Burleson, Texas. Katie and the other trainers base their training methods on science-based studies of canine ethology and behavior modification, using positive reinforcement methods to improve the quality of dogs' lives, one family at a time. This means that outdated aversive, punishment-based techniques are NOT used at AADTGM. Instead, positive reinforcement training methods are used to boost dogs' confidence, and improve the bond of trust and love that is shared between dogs and their families.

Katie has been working at All American Dog, Training, Grooming & More for just over two years. There, she completed her dog training apprenticeship, and has since been teaching group and private training classes. Katie is AADTGM's first in-house trained dog trainer. She is currently working towards accumulating enough hours to qualify for taking the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) Knowledge Assessed test, which is a standardized test that proves those who pass have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in science-based dog training. A minimum of 300 hours accrued over a 3 year span is required to qualify to take the CCPDT KA test. Once passed, the trainer is required to maintain their knowledge and skills in various ways, such as attending seminars, working with other CCPDT trainers, etc. All trainers must re-take the test every 3 years to maintain their certification through CCPDT.