When last we spoke we introduced our audience to someone who was a staunch advocate for wolves, who had the endorsement of people like Julia Huffman, the producer of “Medicine of the Wolf” and the ire of politicians and common-folk who are anti-wolf.   Things have changed, some for the better, more for the worse.  Hear the truth about Wolves and their future - Rachel is back!.

Wolfdog Radio Presents:  

Rachel Tilseth - Part II

Friday 11/11/2016 at 9:00 P.M. (EST)

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Wolf Awareness week happened recently and The medicine of the Wolf independent film premiered this same week, and Rachel Tilseth was there.  We will hear a first-hand account of its success and maybe the glimmer of hope this film provides to educate viewers about wolves 

There are  new accusations facing wolves, including blame for killing hunting dogs who encroached upon their homes and their families. Rachel has personal knowledge of this issue and has a resolve to halt it.

There was a summit meeting in Wisconsin that was held regarding the future of wolves in Wisconsin.  Sadly, not one advocate, scientist or someone with actual knowledge was allowed to speak or invited to attend.  Ms. Tilseth will give us her assessment of this meeting and how this may affect our nation as bills could be a introduces that will adversely affect our wild wolf populations.