Producer - Greg Largent

Howdy.  My name is Greg Largent.  I bought my first “75% wolfdog” (that turned out to all shepherd with a large white head) 3 decades ago or so, give or take a few years.  Wolfdogs were unique and I started to research them on the then young internet, finding an organization called Iowolfer’s Association, Inc. in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.  Gordon Smith was a founder of an organization that later morphed into and became Iowolfer’s.  I learned much from those I visited and spoke with concerning High Content wolfdogs and wolves.  This started me purchasing animals (near pures and high content animals, along with a few mid contents.)  Wolf content animals are illegal in Illinois.  I had to relocate my animals out of state for almost a year as I purchased property, moved and built containment to meet a USDA Exhibitor’s permit standards.  I loved spending hours just sitting quietly and watching them interact with each other - teaching me that which many humans fail to learn.

    I have been active in several organizations - Iowolfer’s Association, Inc., USAWA, Inc., National Wolfdog Alliance and Florida Lupine Association, holding various positions with these organizations.  I can not stress enough the importance of hands on, personal observation and more importantly - hands on interactions with wolfdogs of all content ranges.  The animals themselves are the best teachers, if only we humans will listen and learn

Wolfdog Radio is dedicated to bringing our listeners concise, truthful information so that the enrichment of both animals and humans is enhanced so that the time spent with these majestic animals is a learning experience for all.