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About us:

Wolfdog Radio was created to bring current, relevant, educational and legislative issues to the forefront and be a proactive voice.  Our path is always changing, as are the issues and topics which we will bring to our listeners. Wolfdog Radio wishes to keep our listeners informed, entertained and be a constant reminder that YOUR voice does count!

Mission Statement:

Wolfdog radio was created to give those within the wolfdog community an avenue to be heard on topics that need to be addressed to highlight those that are dedicated to the Education, research and responsible rescue/placement/housing/rehoming of animals in need and to bring accurate, factual information regarding wolfdogs and wolves to it’s audience.  

Wolfdog radio has been privileged to gain access to guests thought unreachable, discussed topics that touch the heart and bring fire to one’s soul, bringing topics forth that are sometimes not easily discussed or popular to many.  

We invite you to join us on this path, to share in the enrichment and betterment of these majestic companion animals of wolf content that we are endeared by and enjoy.
Wolfdog Radio will continue to grow, will never stand still, will never be confined by  borders or boundaries, we will ask when, why, how, and most importantly...what can we do to be proactive responsible citizens.